Focusing on the potential in Properties, Places, and People.

Located in the Southeast – Veteran-Owned and Operated

Oden Property Management and Investments (OPMI), your gateway to unlocking the full potential of underperforming properties in the Southeast. We specialize in identifying and revitalizing opportunities to create value and deliver excellent, consistent, risk-adjusted returns. Transforming properties, maximizing value, and securing your investment future.

What Sets us apart?

We create consistent returns for our investors and lenders by focusing on underperforming properties in the Southeast. OPMI creates value-added opportunities that deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns by implementing moderate to extensive renovations and improving management, marketing, and capital solutions.


We are accountable for the resources we use; whether that’s upcycling existing materials onsite or re-investing in our communities.


We understand that the funds invested with us were earned with someone’s blood, sweat, and tears and will be treated as such.


Our investments may be part of someone’s retirement plans. Self-Directed IRA investors are welcome.

Our Investments

Explore our portfolio of revitalized properties, where we unlock the hidden potential in the property, places, and people. Witness the transformation as we breathe new life into every project.